Our Activities

Kotulpur Srima Sarada Pathachkra

i) Money of our organization is collected from our members and from public as donation from time to time.

ii) We are conducting charitable dispensary for the poor people both Homeopathy and Allapathic with free medicine to all and running smoothly as before.

iii) We are conducting free coaching centre for the poor students and donated books to the needy students.

iv) During yearly festival we also used to distribute rags cloths etc. to the poor people of the locality.

v) We have purchased an old Generator and also constructed Generator Shed this year.

vi) Annapurna Puja is celebrated starting from this year.

vii) Rathajatra Festival is also starting from this year.






Kotulpur Srima Sarada Pathachkra

In A.G.M Quorum was maintained. We selected the President for A.G.M. Then we placed the Audited  Accounted passed. We appointed auditors for next year. In conclusion I would express my gratitute to all of ypu for rendering cooperation during the period. We pray such cooperation in days ahead.